About Us

About Us

Firmus Design & Build

Firmus offers a one-stop design and build construction services from building bespoke new homes to extensions, renovations and conversions. We work with a large range of commercial and residential builders, project consultants, property developers and property owners. We are a complete team with a driven passion to ensure excellence and quality workmanship. Our aim is to deliver an outstanding service while creating your dream space.

Common Scenarios

Planning to personalise your new home?

You’ve just collected keys to your new home. Now what? You want to make your space the way you envisioned? Can’t agree on a design with your spouse?

We are here to help. Gather some reference ideas that you’d like and give us a call. Our team of experts is ready to advice and assists you to maximise your living space.

Feeling the need to renovate your home?

Is our home space not maximised to the fullest? Trying to DIY a “simple” renovation? Hard to convince your spouse for a home remodeling? Trying to keep your sanity with the current space?

Avoid the stress and give us a call. Hesitate no more and embark on a smooth renovation journey with us. Our team of experts is ready to advice and assists you to a hassle-free renovation.